December Meeting Schedule

Thursday, December 7, 2017   Planning Commission Meeting & Public Hearing, this meeting is CANCELED, the public hearing is vacated    and  rescheduled for Thursday, January 4, 2018, 6:00 pm at Town Hall

Monday, December 4, 2017   Finance Meeting, 3:30 pm at Town Hall

Monday, December 11, 2017   Board of Trustees Meeting & Public Hearing, 6:00 pm at Town Hall

Town Hall will be Closed for the following days in December & January:

  • Monday, December 25th & Tuesday, Dec 26th for the Christmas Holiday
  • Monday, January 1st & Tuesday, Jan 2nd for the New Year Holiday


Municipal Elections/Training

The Town of Keenesburg will hold Municipal Elections, Tuesday, April 3, 2018.     There are five (5) Trustee positions that will be up for election, as well as the Mayor. A Town Trustee usually serves a four-year staggered term. In this election, three trustees with highest number of votes will serve four-year terms, and two Trustees with lower number of votes will serve two-year terms. The Mayor will serve a two year term.   We invite interested residents that would like to contribute their time through public service to consider running for either Trustee or Mayor. Petitions are available to be picked up at Town Hall on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

If you are planning on running for Election, please plan to attend the Election Training scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th at 7:00 pm at Town Hall.  


If you would like to receive an email of the Town’s Newsletter, please send your request to Christina at Town Hall to the following email:; or you may drop by and request this in person. Also, if there is someone you know outside of town limits that would like to be on the Newsletter email list, feel free to direct them to Christina at Town Hall.

Planning Commission Vacancy

The Town currently has an open seat on the Planning Commission. The Commission holds at least one regular meeting each month and implements provisions of Chapter 16 (zoning and land use code) of the Keenesburg Municipal Code. Please contact Town Hall if you have an interest in this position.

Porch Lights

The Lochbuie Police Department recommends leaving porch lights on in the evening to increase safety and deter crimes of opportunity.

Board Update

The Board of Trusteesmeets every month on the third Monday at 6:00 p.m. These meeting are open to the public and we invite you to attend to have a voice in your government. We welcome attendance, and offer an opportunity for public comment about any topic that is not on the agenda. Our attendance at these meetings has been minimal for many years and we want and encourage anyone to attend, whether it is to be more informed about what is going on in your government or if it is to make suggestions - we welcome you!

The last Board meeting was held November 20, 2017; a summary of business is below. The full minutes of the meeting will be posted on the town’s website once they are approved at the December meeting.

Town Manager’s Report

Sergeant Ramirez of the Lochbuie Police Department presented the police report to the Board of Trustees. Patrol hours continue to increase as officers spent 113 hours in connection with activity in Keenesburg; 100 calls were taken in the month of October.

The survey committee reported to the Board of Trustees two recommendations for inclusion into the 2018 budget. These recommendations were as follows:

  1. Implement a water filter program to help improve the taste of the water. It was recommended that the town offer inline filters to residents at 50% cost. The requested budget amount for this was $1500.00.
  2. Beautification of Main Street with the possibility of installing flower boxes; the requested budget amount was $2500.00. The committee will meet again on January 9, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

A Public Hearing was held for a minor subdivision of the Expedition Water Solutions annexation located east on CR 398. This minor subdivision was approved splitting that property into two parcels: lot one approximately 118 acres, and lot two approximately 171 acres.

A public hearing was held for the 2018 budget, no comments were received. The board discussed the draft budget and asked that the items requested by the survey committee be included into the budget.

The salary for the Municipal Judge (Melissa Beato) was approved at $350.00 per court session.

The SJB annexation agreement amendment was approved which removed water restrictions that were in place when the agreement was orginally approved in 2000.

The Board of Trustees held an executive session to review employee evaluations.

The upcoming Board of Trustees meeting agenda for December 11, 2017 will include the following:

  • Adoption of the 2018 Budget
  • Public Hearing for the RK annexation (approx. 15 acres located east on CR 398 approx. 1/2 mile east of the RV park)
  • Conflict of interest policy
  • USDA Loan resolution
  • Employee Benefits
  •  Mayoral duties compensation discussion
  • 2018 board meeting schedule (possible change of meeting dates and times)

This list may change and is not all inclusive of the business that the Board of Trustees will be considering in December.

The Town has been approved for a USDA loan in the amount of $496,000.00 to be combined with a $300,000.00 energy impact grant that was awarded to the town in January of 2017. There are many conditions that need to be met for the USDA loan and staff is busy working through those conditions to allow the town to publish a request for bids to complete the sewer collection line repair and replacement project. The town plans to replace and or repair by way of slip lining all of the current clay sewer collection pipes in town. This upgrade will assure the safe and efficient operation of the town’s wastewater collection system for many years into the future.

Tonya Pitcher has volunteered to create a clean up assistance group. The intention of this group is to help residents that need assistance cleaning up their yards and areas around their homes. Please contact Tonya at 303-916-8787 or by email if interested in offering a helping hand to neighbors in our community.

Public Works Report

Please welcome our new Public Works employee! Sylvia Botelho has joined the Town of Keenesburg Public Works team. Sylvia bring experience from the Town of Estes Park.

The restrooms at Schey park have been closed for the winter and will open again in May. We have installed signage at the newly named John and Emma Meier Park, which is located on Miller Street. There has been a stone erected with engraving to be completed very soon.

With winter and snow around the corner, we will continue to work hard to keep the roadways clear and safe. We start with plowing the main roads and then work to clear secondary roadways. First, we clear the center of the street, and then return to clean up the edges once the entire town has an open center lane. We will try our best to help people get out of their driveways after all the roadways have been cleared. It may take some time before we can assist with driveways – we appreciate your patience! If there is notice of a storm coming, please try to park cars off the right of way, this allows Public Works to clear the roads and access driveways.

Keenesburg Municipal Code Sec. 11-1-10.   Removal of snow or ice.

It shall be unlawful for any owner or occupant of any lot, block or parcel of ground within the Town, or any agent in charge of such property, to allow any snow or ice to accumulate or remain upon any sidewalk alongside such property longer than twenty-four (24) hours from the time of the last accretion of such snow and ice.

Please be sure to clear sidewalks within 24 hours. This helps with safe travel to and from school.