MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015

6:00 p.m.




Call to Order: The Board of Trustees of the Town of Keenesburg met in regular session on
Monday, June 15, 2015 at Keenesburg Town Hall located at 140 S. Main Street. Mayor Kipp called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call: Board members present: Trustee’s Cindy Baumgartner, Sandra Beach, Lisa Sparrow, Ken Gfeller (in at 6:01pm), Wendi Tyler, and Mayor Kipp were present.

Absent: Wilbur Wafel

Others Present: Kathleen Kelly, Town Attorney, Debra Chumley, Town Clerk, Marc Johns, Public Works Director, Chasity Elliott, Assistant Town Clerk, Rose E. Melville, Auditor



Public Comments


Consent Agenda:        a.   Approval of minutes 05/18/2015

                                          b.   Approval of Financials and payment of bills:

Motion was made by Trustee Tyler, seconded by Trustee Gfeller to approve the consent agenda items. The motion carried 6-0, Mayor Kipp, Trustees Baumgartner, Beach, Sparrow, Gfeller, and Tyler voting yes.


Old Business:

c. Public Hearing Links Logistics—Vacated:

Mayor Kipp advised that the public hearing was vacated.


                                    d.   Review proposed changes to Atmos Franchise Agreement:

Kathleen Kelly reviewed the red-line agreement and advised the Board they would need to

decide on a term for the agreement. Debra Chumley advised that the last agreement was

10 years but they would like this agreement to be a 15 or 20 year term. Kathleen also

stated that the board would need to decide how they would like to receive the payment.

Debra recommended going with quarterly payments. After a brief discussion on how the

payments were determined it was the decision of the Board that we add a section stating

Atmos must notify the Town annually of the highest franchise fee paid. After a brief

discussion by the Board it was concluded that the term would be 15 years, the franchise fee

would be 5% and the payments would be made quarterly. Debra stated she had already

sent Atmos a red-line because they have publication requirements they have to meet.

Kathleen advised that the agreement needed two readings and would have to be at two

separate meetings.


New Business:


  1. Presentation of the 2014 Audit:

Rose E Melville presented the 2014 audit. She gave a brief overview which included the correction for the grant for the vehicles with Weld County the actual value of the property as

an expenditure. The change was made in the books. From 59 sample invoices 7 were not approved. She also stated that there were filing errors that were found and there were probably paper handling errors. She also let Debra know that it was probably better if she continued to reconcile the bank records to demonstrate a separation of duties. Trustee Beach made a motion to accept the Town of Keenesburg’s annual financial report year ending December 31, 2014 from Rose E Melville, seconded by Trustee Tyler. The motion carried 6-0, Mayor Kipp, Trustees Baumgartner, Beach, Sparrow, Gfeller, and Tyler voting yes.



                                    f.    RESOLUTION 2015-09 Approving a form contract for projects:

Debra gave an overview of the form contract that can be used for all budgeted projects. It

would give the Mayor the authority to approve a bid and sign the contract. After a brief

discussion the consensus of the Board was not to approve resolution 2015-09 and to

instead set special meetings. Mayor Kipp made a motion to set special meetings on July 6

and August 3 at 6:00pm, seconded by Trustee Sparrow. The motion carried 6-0, Mayor

Kipp, Trustees Baumgartner, Beach, Sparrow, Gfeller, and Tyler voting yes.


g    Request for Donation Hoff Elementary PTO:


Charlene Bye, 5023 CR 67 Keenesburg Co 80643, and Rosalba Martinez-Sharp, 150 N Main St Keenesburg CO 80643, stated that the money raised would help with fees

associated with the Fun-A-Thon. All the money raised at the Fun-A-Thon would go to help pay for field trips and class supplies. She asked the Town to be a T-Shirt sponsor which is a $500 donation. Stating it would get the Towns name out in the public eye. The Fun-A-Thon will be held on September 11 and she invited the Board to come and see what the event had to offer. Mayor Kipp asked if the sponsorship will help enhance education for the students. Rosalba commented that it helps with literacy and they were able to purchase chrome books to help with the online testing for the students and that 100% of the money raised goes to help the kids. Trustee Sparrow made a motion to make a $100 donation to Hoff Elementary PTO, seconded by Mayor Kipp. Mayor Kipp called for a roll call vote; Trustee Baumgartner yes, Trustee Beach yes, Mayor Kipp yes, Trustee Sparrow yes, Trustee Gfeller yes, and Trustee Tyler yes. The motion carried 6-0


  1. Public Hearing Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment:

Mayor Kipp opened the public hearing at 6:57pm. Debra Chumley stated that the Planning Commission passed Resolution PC2015-02 adopting the amendments to the land use map at their meeting held on June 4, 2015. Mayor Kipp gave an overview of the changes and the reasons for the amendments. There was no public comment made. The public hearing was closed at 7:01pm.



  1. RESOLUTION 2015-10 approving the comprehensive plan map amendment:

Trustee Beach made a motion to adopt Resolution 2015-10 approving the comprehensive

plan map amendment, seconded by Trustee Tyler. The motion carried 6-0, Mayor

Kipp, Trustees Baumgartner, Beach, Sparrow, Gfeller, and Tyler voting yes.


  1. Water and Sewer rate increase discussion:

Debra explained the new rate structure for water and sewer rates and added that the increase would be 8%. The sewer structure will change completely. The Town will do away with the multipliers and everyone will be charged a flat fee of $11.00 and an additional charge of $5.45 per 1000 gallons of water based on average winter consumption during December to February. Which will cause a different sewer charge for each customer. This proposed increase will take effect on October 1, 2015. We would like to give advance notice to the residents that the change will be coming soon. After a brief discussion the Board recommended that staff inform the public of the proposed increase.

  1. Consideration of West Ball Field project:

Debra stated that the baseball field that is there would be upgraded to a regulation size baseball field on the west side of the park. The baseball field would be a memorial to Keith Kilker. She recommended that a committee be formed to solicit funds for the project. There is also a grant option that we can apply for it is $45,000 max and we would have to have $15,000 match. The match had to be at least $6,000 in cash and the rest could be in kind. There was a brief discussion about the name of the park, the solicitation letter, and the equipment building. The Board directed staff to form the committee.


Board Member Information and discussion:


  1.     1) Crime Report Weld County Sherriff’s Office

      2) May Well Flow Data

      3) Change in Sherriff’s contract:

Debra advised that 2016 contracts require 40 hours a week and we currently contract for rotating 4 hours 3 times a week and 2 times a week. After a brief discussion Mayor Kipp directed staff to approach the County Commissioners and ask for an additional year to budget for the change.

      4) Mosquito Report



Staff Reports:       Administration:

Debra advised the Board that there was a pre-bid meeting tomorrow for the resurfacing of the Basketball court. The bid was sent out to 4 different contractors and we have only heard back from one. If there is only one contractor at the meeting then we will include the basketball court in the street project and will be seeking a contractor to do the painting and sealing portion of the project. At the last meeting the Board approved moving forward with the scope of work on the water line extension provided that the system flow would be adequate at the school. The engineer completed the modeling which determined that the pressure would be adequate for that project. The Fire Chief Tom Beach has no issues with the project. We have been meeting with Kent about the street project and have made decisions on which streets are in the most urgent need of repair. She gave an overview of the streets that needed repair and the cost. She also stated that there was a possibility that we would apply for a grant to cover some of the project next year. Danny gave an overview of how the engineer come up with a system of which streets were in the most urgent to repair. Debra informed the Board that we were awarded the grant for the water tank. Debra addressed the Board on the issue of weed violations and after a brief discussion it was decided that repeat offenders would be given a final notice with 7 days to comply and then be given a summons if they weren’t in compliance. Mayor Kipp let the Board know that the payment for the water line has been received for this year.


                                                      Public Works: Pubic Works Report

Marc Johns informed the Board that there was a State visit for the wastewater system today and it went well. He also let them know they were working on the water valve exercise program and continue to work on the park.



Trustee Beach thanked Kathleen for her additions to the Atoms agreement.


Committee Reports


Board Member Comments:


Trustee Baumgartner commented on the new procedure and thought it would work well with

an additional staff member taking notes and thanked us for the change. She gave an

update on the I-76 Bus Tour and said it went well. She stated she will be stepping down

from the committee and that Debra Chumley and Danny Kipp will be taking over in her

position. The committee sent out thank you notes to everyone who attended the bus tour

and will be sending out a survey in the next week. Debra Chumley stated she has received

1 inquiry from the bus tour.


Adjournment: Motion was made by Trustee Tyler, seconded by Trustee Gfeller to adjourn the meeting; motion carried 6-0, Mayor Kipp, Trustee’s Baumgartner, Beach, Sparrow, Gfeller, and Tyler voting yes. The meeting adjourned at 7:55p.m.













Danny R. Kipp, Mayor                                                            Debra L. Chumley, Town Clerk