MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014

6:00 P.M.




Call to Order: The Board of Trustees of the Town of Keenesburg met in regular session on Monday, June 16, 2014 at Keenesburg Town Hall located at 140 S. Main Street. Mayor Kipp called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call:    Board members present: Trustee’s Cindy Baumgartner, Ken Gfeller, Wilbur Wafel, Lisa Sparrow, Wendi Tyler, and Mayor Kipp were present.

Others Present:    Debra Chumley, Town Clerk, Kathleen Kelly, Town Attorney

Absent: Trustee Sandra Beach


Public Comments: George Tendick 40 Cook Ct, Hudson, CO 80642: Mr. Tendick addressed the board to discuss the process and billing procedures surrounding site plans. Mr. Tendick explained that he had been working with Jose Frias assisting him with the Korner Kitchen site plan, after he had another contractor involved. He stated that he saw no need for the town to have our engineer review the site plan since it was prepared by a licensed surveyor and felt that they were being subjected to double billing. He objected to the charge of $220.00 by the town’s engineer to review a simple site plan. Jose had been given an estimate of $500 to complete this project and it has now gone over, and Mr. Tendick felt that the town should absorb the amount over the estimate. Mayor Kipp explained that although they had hired a licensed surveyor to prepare the site plan, that it is necessary for the town to have our consultants review the plans to protect the town and make sure that all necessary requirements are met, and he further explained that not all site plans are the same, and that in addition to consultant time, the staff also reviewed the plans, and that the town is working toward a more streamlined process.


Consent Agenda:

  1. Approval of minutes 05/19/2014

      Financials and payment of Bills:

Motion was made by Trustee Tyler, seconded by Trustee Sparrow to approve the consent agenda items; motion carried 6-0, Mayor Kipp, Trustee’s Baumgartner, Wafel, Gfeller, Sparrow and Tyler voting yes.


Old Business:

  1. Consideration to change ORDINANCE in regard to Pot-Bellied Pigs:

The board discussed the staff recommendations for inclusion into a new ordinance to allow pot-bellied pigs within town limits. Staff recommendation was to make a change to chapter 7 of Keenesburg Municipal Code allowing pot-bellied pigs as pet animals, no maximum weight, license annually, require a certificate of inspection annually, and allow for a maximum of three pet animals per household. There were questions as to what type of shots a pig would get and what type of certificate a vet would issue. Staff was directed to research these details and to bring an ordinance to the next meeting containing the staff recommendations and clarification regarding the certificate of inspection.


            New Business:           


  1. Emergency ORDIANCE 2014-07 Authorizing the issuance of the Town of Keenesburg Sales Tax Revenue Bonds series 2014:

Kim Crawford, Butler Snow, Bond Council, 1801 California, Denver, CO and Amy Flynn, Stifel Nicholas, Public Finance, 1725 17th St, Denver, CO

Kim Crawford reviewed the bond ordinance for the board, and gave an overview of the process that the town had gone through. She explained that her firm was hired near the end of 2013 to help with a ballot question for a $960,000 bond and to release the pledge of sales tax revenues to the capital improvement fund to give the town more flexibility. This question passed and then Amy with Stifel and Nicholas put out an RFP for a private placement of the bond to offer the town a lower issuance cost. The town was presented with three different quotes, and the recommendation is to approve the bid from BBT giving the town the lowest interest rate of 2.92% offered with a 12 year term and a five year call, and to move forward with the placement. Kim advised that if the board approved this ordinance this evening she did have the closing documents with her for the Mayor’s signature to allow this transaction to move forward and close on June 30, 2014. She further explained the terms stating that the town will be required to have a restricted reserve fund in the amount of $48,000. This fund must be replenished in the event the town must use a portion to make the payment, and this releases at the time the bond is paid in full, and may be used for the last payment. She further explained that the ordinance before the board was an emergency ordinance required the affirmative vote of three quarters of the board to approve it. Once the closing takes place the funds will be immediately wired to the designated account of the Town of Keenesburg. The Town does have the ability to begin this project later than this year but must expend the funds within three years, and must be used for a street project as designated.

Motion was made by Trustee Baumgartner, seconded by Trustee Tyler to approve ORDINANCE 2014-07; a roll call vote was taken as follows: Trustee Baumgartner yes, Trustee Wafel yes, Mayor Kipp yes, Trustee Sparrow yes, Trustee Gfeller yes, and Trustee Tyler yes. Motion carried 6-0


Mayor Kipp called a 10 minute break during which time the Mayor Kipp, and Debra Chumley, Town Clerk executed the closing documents for the bond.


Mayor Kipp reconvened the meeting at 6:43 p.m.


  1. Emergency ORDINANCE 2014-08 to remove exemption from building permits for window replacement of same size, siding and roofs from the International Residential Code:

Mayor Kipp advised that an error had been discovered in the Building Code, and that a portion of the Keenesburg Municipal Code had been changed and another portion had not. Specifically the IBC had been changed to remove any building permit exemptions, and the IRC had not. He explained that the emergency ordinance before the board would correct this error and completely remove any exemptions from a building permit as the board had originally intended.

Motion was made by Trustee Baumgartner, seconded by Trustee Gfeller to adopt ORDINANCE 2014-08; a roll call vote was taken as follows: Trustee Baumgartner yes, Trustee Wafel yes, Mayor Kipp yes, Trustee Sparrow yes, Trustee Gfeller yes, and Tyler voting yes. Motion carried 6-0.


  1. RESOLUTION 2014-18 repealing RESOLUTION 2012-17 that adopted the Wage and Salary schedule for the Town of Keenesburg:

Mayor Kipp explained that he would like to have the salary schedule repealed as it was intended to be used as a guideline for increases but has been viewed as more of a guarantee of a certain amount of pay increase, moving forward job descriptions will be amended to include a pay range for each position.

Motion was made by Trustee Gfeller, seconded by Trustee Tyler to repeal RESOLUTION 2012-17 by the adoption of RESOLUTION 2014-18; motion carried 6-0; Trustee’s Baumgartner, Wafel, Sparrow, Gfeller, Tyler, and Mayor Kipp voting yes.


  1. RESOLUTION 2014-19 Approving the Public Improvements Agreement Wild County RV Park and Storage USR:

The applicants were present at the meeting and did not address the board. Mayor Kipp advised the board that the town had been working with the applicants and negotiating the terms of the public improvements agreement, and that staff recommended adoption of this agreement with one correction 1.14 b) no building permits shall be issued for the construction of any structure until all the water lines, fire hydrants, and sanitary sewer lines serving such structure have been completed and granted conditional acceptance. The applicants have signed this agreement.

Motion was made by Trustee Baumgartner, seconded by Trustee Wafel to adopt RESOLUTION 2014-19 with the above mentioned correction; motion carried 6-0, Mayor Kipp, Trustee’s Baumgartner, Wafel, Sparrow, Gfeller, and Tyler voting yes.


  1. Consideration of the creation of a new position (s) within the Office Staff an addition of an Assistant Town Treasurer, and an Assistant Town Manager, and approval of new job description:

Mayor Kipp asked the board to consider the creation of two new positions and the associated job descriptions, for an assistant Town Treasurer, and an assistant Town Manager. Mayor Kipp explained to the board that the office is in need of someone else helping with the development process, site plan, etc. as the mayor and town manager, sometimes I am not able to be here enough to keep the projects moving along, and often it is quasi judicial and I cannot be involved in the process. Debbie does what she can but she also many other duties to complete, and is not always able to oversee the processes. Trustee Sparrow wanted to see a change on the minimum job qualifications for Assistant Town Manager, to require a college degree rather than work experience to substitute; she felt that this level should require a college degree. Trustee Tyler disagreed stating that experience should substitute, regardless of a degree if someone has been doing the job and have demonstrated they are capable she saw no reason to require a degree. Trustee Baumgartner was happy with the qualifications in view of the fact that the Mayor will remain the manager, and oversee the Assistant Town Manager.   Trustee Sparrow felt that a college degree should be a necessity for this level of responsibilities. Trustee Baumgartner felt that the minimum requirements would suffice and that the town should not limit the job applicants and rather screen the applicants and control the level of education, and experience with the screening and interviewing process. Trustee Gfeller asked who would be responsible for the interviewing and hiring, the board is responsible for all hiring and firing. Trustee Sparrow wanted to know if the staff would narrow it down to one choice or more, and wanted the board to be more involved in the selection and have the ability to look at two to three applicants and conduct the interviews. Mayor Kipp clarified his objective and stated that his intention was to ask the board to approve the promotion of Debra Chumley to the position of Assistant Town Manager, and hire someone to do the books, due to the fact that she has already been doing this job for the last two years. Trustee Baumgartner stated that she did agree somewhat with Trustee Sparrow in that this position needs someone who has the experience or education to perform this job, but that limiting the pool of applicants would not best serve the town. Trustee Tyler asked to be excused as she is not feeling well, and said that she agreed with Mayor Kipp and was in favor of promoting Debbie to this position.

Motion was made by Trustee Baumgartner, seconded by Trustee Wafel to approve the Town Clerk/Treasurer/Assistant Town Manager job description as presented, a roll call vote was taken as follows: Trustee Baumgartner yes, Trustee Wafel yes, Mayor Kipp yes, Trustee Sparrow no, Trustee Gfeller yes. Motion carried 4-1.  


Motion was made by Trustee Baumgartner, seconded by Trustee Wafel to approve the Assistant Treasurer job description as presented, a roll call vote was taken as follows: Trustee Baumgartner yes, Trustee Wafel yes, Mayor Kipp yes, Trustee Sparrow no, and Trustee Gfeller yes. Motion carried 4-1.



  1. Executive Session:

Motion was made by Mayor Kipp, seconded by Trustee Baumgartner to go into executive session for discussion of a personnel matter under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402 (4) (f) (I) and not involving any specific employees who have requested discussion of the matter in open session, specifically for the Board of Trustees to consider the promotion of Debra Chumley to the new position of Assistant Town Manager in addition to her current role as Town Clerk/Treasurer for the Town of Keenesburg. A roll call vote was taken; motion carried 5-0; Trustee Baumgartner yes, Trustee Wafel yes, Mayor Kipp yes, Trustee Sparrow yes, and Trustee Gfeller yes.


Mayor Kipp stated that the time was now 7:32 p.m. and the executive session had concluded. The participants in the executive session were: Attorney Kathleen Kelly, Trustee Cindy Baumgartner, Trustee Wilbur Wafel, Mayor Danny Kipp, Trustee Lisa Sparrow, and Trustee Ken Gfeller. For the record, if any person who participated in the executive session believes that any substantial discussion of any matters not included in the motion to go into the executive session occurred during the executive session, or that any improper action occurred during the executive session in violation of the Open Meetings Law, I would ask that you state your concerns for the record. Seeing none we will move to the next agenda item.


  1. Consideration and possible action regarding promotion of Debra Chumley to Assistant Town Manager:

Motion was made by Mayor Kipp, seconded by Trustee Baumgartner to authorize the Mayor to offer the position of Assistant Town Manager/Town Clerk/Treasurer to Debra Chumley at the rate of $72,000.00 per year. A roll call vote was taken: motion carried 4-1; Trustee Baumgartner yes, Trustee Wafel yes, Mayor Kipp yes, Trustee Sparrow no, and Trustee Gfeller yes.


  1. Discussion of the Public Computer Center possible relocation:

The town has gotten to the point that we are need of additional space, it is therefore necessary to re locate the public computer center. The town’s agreement with High Plains Library District for the use of the space expired May 31, 2014. Please let staff know if you have any ideas as to where they could relocate, as we want to make every effort to keep this service in town. They need a location where the space is donated.


  1. Audit Review:

The draft 2013 Audit was received today, please take this home and review it, and contact staff with any questions. The audit will be accepted at our meeting on July 18, 2014.


Board Member Information and discussion:


  1. 1) Well Flow Data May

                                                2) Adult mosquito trap data




            Staff Reports:




Public Works Report: The lagoon clean out has been completed, and it was completed with very little odor to the surrounding homes.


Committee Reports:



Water/Waste Water




Board Member Comments: Mayor Kipp asked for volunteers to help with the Business Expo on July 3, 2014. Trustee Baumgartner offered to help with this event. Trustee Sparrow noted that she had seen political signs on town property, and staff was directed to remove any political signs located on town property.


Adjournment: Motion was made by Mayor Kipp, seconded by Trustee Baumgartner to adjourn the meeting; motion carried 5-0, Mayor Kipp, Trustees Baumgartner, Wafel, Sparrow, and Gfeller voting yes. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.









Danny R. Kipp, Mayor                                                       Debra L. Chumley, Town Clerk






MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014







Discussion of proposed new lighting for Schey Park to present to the Board of Trustees at their next scheduled meeting July 21, 2014