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Planning Commission Opening

Planning Commissioner wanted
Meeting Obligations
The Planning Commission meets the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM.  On occasion, you will be asked to attend a special meeting.  Being absent from too many meetings will constitute your position being declared vacant by the Mayor who shall appoint a person to fill your position; after a public hearing.  If the Chair is absent the Planning Commission member with the highest seniority will Chair the meeting.

Creation and Membership
The Planning Commission consists of five members; which include three bona fide residents of the Town, who are appointed by the Mayor.  The Mayor and one member of the Board of Trustees, to be selected by the Mayor, shall serve as ex officio members.  The Commission shall select its Chair and Co-Chair annually at the meeting held in January.
Planning Commission Responsibilities
Keenesburg Code Section 2-7-20 Purpose
The Planning Commission is responsible for the following, as referenced in the Keenesburg Municipal Code Section 2-7-20:
            1) To prepare and maintain, subject to periodic revision as necessary, a Master Plan as described by state statutes.
            2) To implement the provisions of Chapters 16 and 17 of this Code, and to perform all functions and powers referred to in said chapters where reference is made.
            3) To study and recommend to the Board of Trustees amendments to the Zoning Map of the Town. 
            4) To study and recommend appropriate zoning classifications for all annexations to the Town.
            5) To exchange information with the various governmental agencies charged with planning and zoning responsibilities and with the Board of Adjustment.
            6) To have all other duties and powers incidental to the above and any and all powers and duties set out by state statute, except that nothing herein shall permit the Planning Commission to make amendments or changes in the zoning of the Town, such powers expressly being reserved by the Board of Trustees.

Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan is an overview of current and future land use.  The Comprehensive Plan outlines goals and objectives and maps areas of different land uses ranging from agricultural to industrial.  The Comprehensive Plan provides guidance for land use and development in the community.  The Planning Commission develops and recommends, and the Council adopts the comprehensive plan. 

Three Mile Plan
The Three Mile Plan is a precondition to annexation and a tool for town planning.  The Three Mile Plan is an overlay of the zoning map and is how the Town foresees future land development.  The Three Mile Plan map shows the intended use of land at the end of the planning period.

Zoning is designating certain geographical areas of a community for specific purposes such as residential zone, commercial zone, industrial zone, and agricultural zone.  The traditional zoning by districts are uses by right, accessory uses, uses by special or conditional review, and prohibited uses. The standard tests for eligibility of a property for rezoning are an error in the original zoning ordinance, to bring the property into conformance with the comprehensive plan or changed conditions.  The zoning map shows land as it is intended to be used today.